Performers on the CD:

Violin: Alice Bayer, Alison Templer, Ann Hewison, Catherine Upton, Cryn Horn, Emilie Coulette, Joanne Murray, Judy Kadifachi, Liz Pearce, Mutsumi,

Roksana Nikoopour, Rosie McLeod, Sajedah Doroteja, Sara Shipton, Zoe Marriage

Viola: Alexander Knapp, Ana     Cello: Lucy Manship, Rebecca Knight    Double Bass: John Batchellor

Guitar: Antonio Riva, Ben Gross, Nick Sweeney (also vocals on Bubamara), Janna Eliot (also vocals on Izgreyala), Jeremy Halliwell    

Tambura: Chris Scott   Mandolin: Stephen Simblet    Mandola: Tommo

Flute: Cathy Taylor, Claire Powell      Clarinet: Isabella Fletcher, Rochelle Batchelor, Shanta Barley

Soprano Sax: Alejandro Toledo   Bassoon: Laila Woozeer   Trumpet: Kath Pollard   Trombone: Donald Ridley

Accordion: Keith Beechey, Lois Johnson, Martin, Shzr Ee Tan

Percussion: Elisabeth Nott, Gregory McKneally, Narendra Kotiyan, Tom Wagner

Cymbalom: Marta Janitorova   Voice: Evrah     Director, Violin and Voice: Gundula Gruen


The LGO's first CD - titled 'Ajde Gadje'  is available to buy through the Magic Violin website - price £12, click here for link.  


Track listing:

Petyorshka ( Russia )

Jovano Jovanke ( Macedonia )

Zsal o Savo (Hungarian Roma)

Se Rasplakal Star Bel Dedo ( Macedonia )

Skwami Tsira ( Georgia )

Fuli Tschai (German Sinti)

Romanian Medley ( Romania )

Bubamara (No Smoking Orchestra)

Balkan Medley ( Bulgaria )

Klezmer Medley (various)

Mesk Havasi ( Turkey )

Kalinka Medley (Czech Rep.-Vittorio Monti-Russia)

All pieces are arranged by Gundula Gruen and the London Gypsy Orchestra.  Most are from traditional songs, with the exception of “Bubamara” by the

No Smoking Orchestra (No 8) and excerpts from “Monti Czardas” by Vittorio Monti (in No 12). © 2007


Performers: London Gypsy Orchestra

Director and Producer: Gundula Gruen

Cover Design: Paintings by Rima Staines and Kara Kovacev, design by Sasha (

Photographs: Steve Cooper

Recording and Mix: James Shannon, Andrew Mellor

Mastering: ASC Studios, Ankara, Turkey

Manufacturing:  Splitpixel Media, The Media Centre, 7 Northumberland St, Huddersfield , HD1 1RL

                                t: 01484 483093 | e: [email protected] |

Recording: 16th Dec 2007 at the Warehouse Studios, London & 15th Nov 2008 at St Gabriel's Church, Wanstead.

All photos below by Antonio Riva, from the recording session at St Gabriels Church:

In descending order and left to right:

Martin - accordion & Chris - tambura; Alice -violin;

Clare and Cathy - flutes;  Keith - accordion;

Alejandro - soprano sax;  Ben - guitar;  Laila - bassoon;  Jeremy - guitar.


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Many thanks to our kind sponsors above and right, for their donated services and financial assistance for this album, and to Splitpixel Media for their excellent service.

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Review by John Offord in Fiddle On Magazine, Issue 28 (Winter / Spring 2009):


"In the Slavic languages "Ajde" means "come on" or "let's go", an invitation to dance to a "Gadje" (a non Gypsy), and this CD is certainly an inspiration to do so. The London Gypsy Orchestra is run by Gundula Gruen and consists of over 40 singers and musicians playing all kinds of instruments, especially violins, with piano accordions, plucked and blown instruments and percussion, as well as a cymbalom (hammered dulcimer). The CD is a tour through Eastern Europe, where traditionally most folk musicians are Gypsies and it is a feast of music and song (nearly all the tracks have singers). All the music is arranged, sometimes with a slow mysterious introduction, leading into dance melodies. My favourite track, (at the moment) is the "Romanian Medley". The music is haunting, surprising, vigorous, even funny and will make you feel both sad and elated (sometimes at the same time). I cannot wait to see this ensemble in concert in London at the end of March".


Review from Froots magazine, October 2009:

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Album: Ajde Gadje!