March 29, 2009       


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Cecil Sharp House -

Album Launch Celebration


Afternoon Family Concert - all photos by Steve Cooper: 

CecilSharp09ChildGroupSC3100 CecilSharp09GundChildSC3101 CecilSharp09PercChildSC3127 CecilSharp09ChildMainSC3132 CecilSharp09CynthiaSC3118 CecilSharpBrendanLailaSC3124 CecilSharp09MartaSC3080

Above right: Cynthia Tabone, dancer

Above left: Gundula, leading us all...

Below: Tom, Greg and Naren on percussion

Above left: Marta and her marvellous cimbalom  

Above right: Brendan - double bass, and Laila - bassoon