South Bank, London, June 17, 2012  


The LGO presented a lively and colourful afternoon of music and dance performances and joining-in sessions as part of the Celebrating Sanctuary festival, marking refugee week and celebrating London's immigrant cultures.  For the dances, we were joined by the Zivko Firfov Folklore Group, who perform Balkan dances  in original costumes; Janna Eliot who demonstrated and led group dances for all to join in, and our own Gypsy Dance group, performing in traditional Gypsy-style colourful swirling skirts.  

Celebrating Sanctuary

4574178661.gif CelSancAnakeithStephenTomRP CelSancGundEvRP CelSancJoanDancerJannaRP CelSancZivkoFirfovManRp

Many thanks to Riz Pirzada for the above set of photos

CelSancAnaSmilingDC CelSancAntGosHairSwirlingDC CelSancGosiaDancingDC CelSancJanitaDancingDC CelSancKansiaDC CelSancKatGosSwirlingDC

Many thanks to Dave Cook for the above group of photos

CelSancDanceLineBacksFT CelSancViolinistsStPaulsFT CelSancPhilippaDancingFT

Many thanks to Finchley Thompson for the photos above, left,

and above left.

CelSancGosiaAntonioRP CelSancGundulaCallingJB

Thanks to  John Banks for this photo