Ilford, June 13 2010


Concert for Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month - for more info see Recent Events - 2010


Photos by Andrew Mutter

Kenneth More Theatre (page 1)


Top: Gundula & Evrah


Above, top to bottom:             Above, top to bottom:

Nicola, accordion                     Andy, trumpet

Gundula                                     Hannah & Cathy, flutes

Evrah & Antonio                       Jeremy, guitar                    

Alice, violin                                Keith, accordion


Above: rhythm, percussion, accordions & woodwind


Left: Sara's shoes

KMTAlice0856 KMTAndy0906 KMTGundula0847 KMTEvAnt0800 KMTGundEv0879 KMTHannahCathy0783 KMTJeremy0788 KMTKeith0853 KMTNicolaP0816 KMTOrchRight0794 KMTSaraShoes0855