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Gundula Gruen - LGO Musical Director

www.magicviolin.co.uk - for Gypsy music learning books, violin tuition etc.

Dancers and other artists who have also been involved in our events:

  Zivko Firfov Folklore Group - Croatian, Serbian and Macedonian traditional folk dance.
  See listing and contact details on the Society for International Folk Dancing site.

  Toni Gutman - [email protected]
  Toni leads traditional dances from Eastern Europe (and the odd one from Russia, Israel, Armenia
  etc) which are accessible and give a taste of the real style of each country.

  Cynthia Tabone - www.cynthiadance.com
  Professional bellydancer.

  Marionettears - www.myspace.com/marionettears
  Puppetteers who have featured at our children's concerts.

Other groups involving current and previous members of the LGO:

  Tatcho Drom
  LGO leader Gundula's Balkan quintet.
  See www.tatchodrom.com 

  New group playing Gypsy and Eastern European music, featuring several current and past members of the LGO.
  See http://delicatessenmusic.com

  Trans-Siberian March Band
  Balkanic-Latino-Klezmeric-Arabic-Asiatic brass band, involving many past members of the LGO.
  See www.tsmb.co.uk 

  Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos
  Led by our previous guest saxophonist Alejandro.
  See www.magictombolinos.co.uk 


  Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month: www.grthm.co.uk and www.grthmlondon.org.uk
  Every June - an annual celebration with events to promote Gypsy, Roma and Traveller history and culture.

  PassiOnDiscs www.passiondiscs.net
  An excellent online source of folk, Gypsy, traditional, roots and contemporary music from Eastern Europe, with CDs,
  DVDs, books etc for sale; their website also features interesting articles and links on these subjects.


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  Illustrator of LGO logo:
  Rima Staines: www.the-hermitage.org.uk  
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