October 2012  to January 2013


A community music-making project organised by the London Gypsy Orchestra and supported by Awards for All.   See photos of the children's concert here.


The Magic of Making Music

4574178661.gif MOMM - Andrew Gorman 1 MOMM - Andrew Gorman 2 MOMM - body perc 6 MOMM - body perc 1 MOMM - body perc 2

Photos from the opening community event on October 20 at St Anne's Hall in Islington:


Top photos: a body percussion workshop led by Tom Wagner


Above and left: Andrew Gorman teaches a piece of music from his repertoire

MOMM - instrument workshop, face-painted girl with drum set MOMM - instrument workshop, girls with box MOMM - instrument workshop - boy with drum kit

Left and below:  

Drum kits and other musical instruments made from recycled materials at the instrument-making workshops