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October 5, 2016: Resonance FM 104.4FM

Coverage of our live Radio broadcast hosted by the talented DJ Ritu

Listen again on mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/a-world-in-london-5th-october-2016/

See our facebook page for a link to the event

April 2013: Hackney Citizen
Coverage of our sousaphone campaign:

November 29, 2012: Islington Gazette
A 4-star review of the LGO's Union Chapel concert - see below.

March 25, 2011: New Statesman - online article
While the controversial Dale Farm eviction was in the news, the LGO was building bridges between the cultures with their Gypsy Exchange project. Read it here: www.newstatesman.com/blogs/cultural-capital/2011/03/gypsy-orchestra-community

March 16, 2011: Camden Gazette
An article previewing our Gypsy Culture Day event (see below). The photo is of the Czureja family, who were involved
in our Gypsy culture projects, taught us many of the pieces we performed, and inspired our Gypsy skirt-making!

June 2010: Classical Music Magazine

The LGO features in an article about amateur orchestras in London - see copy below. Journalist and musician Hannah Nepil picks out the LGO amongst her favourite five orchestras that she tried out.  

April 2010: Guardian website - Bike Blog
This month's bike podcast visits the 'Cycle East' event and pops in on London Gypsy Orchestra's performance: www.guardian.co.uk/environment/audio/2010/apr/01/cycling

March 9, 2010: BBC World Service
LGO was invited to feature on the World Service's Russian programme, recorded at Bush House.  Gundula, Antonio, Ana and Evrah represented the LGO, performing a few tracks live, and Ana was interviewed in Russian.

Nov 27-28, 2009: Turkish State Television: Farkli Kültür- Ayne Müzik
LGO were featured on this new Turkish music programme on the TRTmüzik channel, the show's title meaning 'Different Cultures, Similar Music'. The programme looked at Turkish connections in the music scene in London, and featured LGO performing and interviews with Gundula and members, as filmed at SOAS in the summer.

October 2009: FROOTS magazine
A full-page article about the LGO is published in Froots (Folk / Roots ) magazine. See copy below.

Union Chapel - Isl. Gaz review 2012

Below: article in Froots (Folk/Roots) Magazine, October 2009

Camden Gazette - compressed
Yugoslav Paper

Translation of the above article from 'Vesti' above

(international newspaper for people of the former Yugoslavia, published by Diaspora):

Gypsy Orchestra's Unforgettable London Performance: Balkan souls are entertained by Gypsy Music
"Joi de Vivre" in London is alive and kicking. Theatres, studios, galleries & cinemas are truly vibrating this summer.
Recently, Londoners who decided to stay indoors missed out on a unique chance to enjoy themselves at a particularly unconventional party in Dragon Hall, Covent Garden.
The London Gypsy Orchestra presented a musical carnival of song and dance from Eastern Europe and the Balkans, which as the night wore on turned into a massive multinational party, continuing into the small hours.
The Gypsy Orchestra itself is a special, monumental, almost exotic entity. Virtuoso violinist, German-born Gundula Gruen, created a group with 35 talented musicians from all over the world and passed on to them the passion and skill
for mastering Eastern European and Balkan music.
Gundula's Orchestra plays "Nizamski Rastanak" (famous Serbian song) with a real feel for Balkan folk music; and other styles such as "Romanian Magic" in a manner akin to the unattainable talents of Romanian devil violinst Grigoas
Diniku. An English orchestra member plays the trumpet as if she had been born in Guca (Dragacevo); a Japanese mandola player evokes the wilderness of the Eastern European landscape; Scottish musicians produce delicate
Hungarian rhapsodies. The Irish accordionists playing "Moravac" (Serbian trad dance) lack only the "Opanci" (Serbian dancing shoes); the Portugese need only the "Sajkaca" (trad. Serbian hat); and an English soprano sings "Ochi Carnje", and "Jovano Jovanke" in clear Macedonian.
There was a true Gypsy flavour to this evening - not only did the whole auditorium sit gypsy-style on the floor (there were no chairs), but nearly the whole Orchestra played barefoot.
"A leaf from our fields" (Serbian saying for a National Treasure) was also present - dancer Ljiljana Grkinic. Supported
by the barefoot orchestra, Ljiljana lifted the whole audience to their feet with an extraordinary belly dancing performance. Her amazing skill and artistry reminded one of the best performances of Egyptian star "Nagva Fuad". Ljiljana Grkinic is a master of her craft, and teaches oriental dance in London.

The evening at Dragon Hall was a really special event which boasted a unique and unusual ambience with an extravagent Orchestra, and made for real Balkan fun in the centre of London.

Below: from BBC's Ariel magazine, following a guest appearance by members of the LGO on the Rokker

Radio programme on BBC Three Counties.


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