Music Discovery Day

4574178661.gif CS2012FlutesSC1264 CS2012ChildConductorSC1222 CS2012SarahDavulSC1114 CS2012SarahEileenSC1146 CS2012RoseViolinSC1193 CS2012LiamClareAW CS2012JamDanceSC1255 CS2012MichaelTrumpetSC1180 CS2012ClaireClarinetSC1172

Above: children from the audience are invited to take over the conducting

Above: The 'discovery' music jam, making music from unconventional instruments  

 (Photo: Arun Weys)

CS2012AndySerpentAW CS2012ChildrenViolinsSC1228

Above: no, it's not a cookery session - it's a workshop to make wind instruments out of root vegetables!   Photos by Clive Crowther.

Seppi drilling parsnip Vegetable instrument workshop Lucy's daughter trying instrument Paul demosntrating veg instrument

Left and above:

The instrument try-out market - sampling a serpent and a crumhorn, courtesy of the Early Music Shop

 (photos: Arun Weys and Clive Crowther), and the lively Open Mic (and floor) event downstairs.