Cycle East:

LGO's Professional Ensemble at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club, March 7

For more info see Past Events 2010             Photos by Steve Cooper 

Other events in 2010:

4574178661.gif CycleCyclistsOutsideSC CycleSingClapSC

Left:  crowds of cyclists turning

up - this event was to promote

cycling, walking and public

transport to venues in London's

East End, as well as to showcase

the diversity of music created

in London.

Private party at Newnham Paddox Estate, West Midlands, July 3

For more info see Past Events 2010              Photos by Steve Cooper  and Evrah

Newnham Paddox - Flora & Alice NewnhamPaddoxGundEvSC NewnhamPaddoxGundSC NewnhamPaddoxJoanne NewnhamPaddoxLakeSC NewnhamPaddoxPigSC

Above: violinists Jo, Alice and Flora

Below: pig, of provenance and purpose unknown

Below right: Gundula