The LGO is a registered charity, no. 1141265.


These are our charitable aims:


1. To advance, improve, develop and maintain public education and appreciation in music, arts and culture,

          particularly, but not exclusively, in relation to Gypsy and folk music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


2. To advance public education in music and musical skills and to inspire participation in and appreciation of the art of music.


3. To advance public education in the arts and musical traditions of different cultures.


4. To promote equality and diversity for the public benefit, in particular by:  


         a) providing or supporting music and creative arts projects which foster integration and skill sharing between

             people from diverse backgrounds;


         b) educating the public about different peoples and cultures, especially through music and arts, to increase

              awareness and understanding.



Our Constitution:

Download a copy here.


The LGO is managed by a Board of Trustees, who are:

Chair: Stephen Simblet

Deputy Chair: Agnes Branner

Treasurer:  Philippa Nowell

Secretary: Charles Mead

Other trustees:  Verona McWatters, Chris McWatters


Annual Reports and Accounts:

2011-12: Download the Trustees Annual Report and Financial Statements and Examiner's Report

2012-13: Download the Annual Report and Accounts 


Community Projects:

See full details of our recent grant-funded community projects, on these dedicated websites:

Gypsy Exchange :

Gypsy-It! :



The LGO adheres to these policies to ensure equal opportunities and the wellbeing and safety of

all those who participate in the LGO and its activities.  Click on the links to download a copy.

Health and Safety Policy 

Equal Opportunities Policy

Child Protection Policy


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