Nov 27-28:  Turkish State Television: Farklı Kültür- Ayne Müzik

                      LGO were featured on this new Turkish music programme on the TRTmüzik 

                      channel, the show's title meaning 'Different Cultures, Similar Music'.   The

                      programme looked at Turkish connections in the music scene in London, and

                      featured LGO performing and interviews with Gundula and members, as filmed

                     at SOAS in the summer.


Nov 7:        Mansfield College Ball, Oxford

                     The LGO's Professional Ensemble performed in the dramatic chapel of Mansfield

                     College as part of the 'Circus of the Macabre' themed ball, an event that included

                     a multitude of acts and attractions in the buildings and grounds, including

                     Victorian fun fair rides.  See the Gallery for photos.


Nov 6:         Folk on the Move: Musical Journeys through Eastern Europe

                      Coronation Hall, Ulverston, Cumbria

                      A week long event in the Lake District: Gundula and Martin led

                      workshops with 2 schools and the 'South Lakes Folk Choir' during the week,

                      and were joined on the Friday by the LGO's new Professional Ensemble for a

                      fantastic concert in Coronation Hall combining the choirs with the Orchestra.


Oct 31:        'Balkan Bats and Devils' Fiddles:  Halloween Party

                      Inn on the Green, Ladbroke Grove, West London

                      A Halloween-themed event which featured spooky sounds, a dramatic tango,

                      and the LGO appearing as an strange array of curiously and frighteningly

                      costumed characters - photos now in the Gallery.


Oct 8:          Goodenough College, Bloomsbury, London

                      LGO performed in one of the elegant halls of Goodenough College, as part of a

                      fundraising event for a project working with Roma children in Romania.  

                      Photos to come.  


Sept 27:     Balkan Barry's Big Sunday Out - procession and performance

                      East London

                      The first of a planned annual Balkan procession through the East End, the LGO

                      set off from a public house in Shoreditch, and paraded through the streets while

                      playing, stopping traffic and delighting the Sunday Brick Lane crowds.   The

                      event continued at the Brickhouse in Brick Lane, with performances from the

                      LGO and Gundula's new group Tatcho Drom, and dancing to music from DJs

                      Balkan Barry and Tomislav Terek.  See photos in the Gallery.


Sept 12:      Gyspy Roma Traveller Music Night

                       St Gabriel's, Wanstead, East London

                       LGO returned to the lovely hall of St Gabriel's for an event to celebrate Gypsy

                      Roma Traveller culture.  Also performing was the fabulous Roma family band

                      Just Five Roma with Romany Diamonds.  Photos now in the Gallery.


July 16:      Recording for Turkish State Television

                       TRT (Turkish State Television) filmed a group of the LGO in performance and

                       rehearsal for a documentary feature for a new music show called Farklı Cültür,

                       Ayne Müzik  (Different Culture, Same Music), which will be shown on their

                       new music channel to be launched late 2009.


June 19:     Blackheath Halls

                       Blackheath, South-east London

                       This concert was organised by Lewisham Traveller Education Service, to celebrate

                       Gypsy Roma Traveller History month.  This is the second year we have performed

                       for this event, and it was a special pleasure to play for the many Roma who came

                       along and showed their enjoyment and also recognised many of our lesser-known

                       Gypsy songs.   Click here for the Gypsy Roma Traveller History month newsletter

                       with a feature on our concert.


June 16:      SW1 Radio - Passport Special for Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month

                       Gundula, Evrah, Martin, Jeremy and Narendra returned to SW1 Radio for a

                       special show on Gypsy music, where we played live and spoke of our involvement

                       with Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month, and Gundula and Martin told of their

                       visit to Appleby Gypsy Horse Fair.  Hosted by Phil Hogg - see March 25 below for

                       show details.  The show and recordings of the live pieces is currently featured on

                       the GRTHM website - click here for link.


May 24:      Notting Hill Mayfest

                       St Johns Church, Holland Park, West London

                       The LGO played the closing night of the Notting Hill Mayfest, in the wonderful

                       setting of St Johns Church.  A splendid time was had by all; photos in the Gallery.


March 29: Ajde Gadje!  LGO's Album Launch Celebration

                       Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London

                       The LGO took over Cecil Sharp House for the day to host events

                       celebrating our new album.   We started with a family concert in

                       the afternoon, then a belly dance workshop led by Cynthia Tabone

                       (our guest dancer at the concerts), a Gypsy Jam and Balkan Ceilidh

                       Workshop, then a Musical Dinner with Open Mic, and ending with a

                       big concert in the evening involving all the LGO and with guests and

                       previous members.   Two pages of photos now in the Gallery!


March 25:  SW1 Radio

                      Gundula, Evrah, Martin, Jeremy, Narendra and Shzr Ee represented

                      the LGO on 'Passport' , the amiable and erudite World Music show on

                      SW1 radio hosted by Phil Hogg from their studio in Pimlico.   SW1 radio

                      is heard locally on 87.7fm and at and 'Passport' is

                      every Wednesday morning from 10am.  


Jan 25:      St George's, Bristol

                     The London Gypsy Orchestra travelled to Bristol to perform a concert

                     as part of the 'Migrations - Great Journeys in World Music' series.   St

                     George's, a Georgian church beautifully converted into a leading

                     560-seat acoustic venue, was a splendid setting, and sold-out for this

                     concert.  The generous stage also allowed us to feature our new

                     instrumental addition, the cimbalom, played by Marta.  Thanks to the

                     people of Bristol for their enthusiastic reception!   "Your energy is

                     contagious and that carried across the audience tonight....I hope you

                     come back to Bristol soon and delight us with your brilliant musical

                     arrangements" -  Dragana Smart.   Photos now in the Gallery.




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