July 25:       Rhythms of the World Festival, Hitchin, Herts

                     The LGO Professional Ensemble performed their most rhymically varied and complex pieces, on the main

                     stage of this delightful local and world music festival, held in the grounds of Hitchin Priory.

                     See www.rotw.org.uk.  Click here for some photos of LGO and the other acts, and see the Gallery for photos.

















July 3:         Newnham Paddox Estate, West Midlands

                    LGO travelled to the Midlands to perform at this private party in the historic landscaped grounds of

                    Newnham Paddox House, where the audience and setting were as colourful as the LGO.  


June 24:      Golowan Festival, Penzance, Cornwall

                     The LGO Professional Ensemble travelled to Penzance to play a concert at the Ritz as part of the marvellous

                     Golowan Festival, to a great audience of stylish and enthusiastic dancers.   Some of us also met the Jaipur

                     Kawa Brass Band who played us some original Gypsy music from Rajasthan; others went midnight

                     swimming and exploring Mounts Bay and the rest of the Penwith Peninsula.


June 13:     Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford

                   An afternoon event for Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month, featuring lots of local and Roma groups,

                   including Redbridge Music School's splendid fiddle groups, and Gypsy music from Romano and Gypsy Stars,

                   followed by a concert by the London Gypsy Orchestra.    More photos in the Gallery.



















May 23:     Notting Hill Mayfest, Notting Hill, London

                   LGO returned to the Notting Hill Mayfest following last year's greatly enjoyed concert, to play the final night of

                   this festival at the lovely St Johns Church in Notting Hill.  


March 20:  Opa Cupa! Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London

                    LGO, in collaboration with the English Folk Dance and Song Society, hosted an exciting all-day event at Cecil

                    Sharp House, dedicated to and inspired by Serbia’s joy and passion for music and dance.  Special guests, the

                    Zivko Firfov Folklore Group, demonstrated Balkan dances in authentic historical costumes.   Stewart Morgan

                    from the EFDSS displayed his research on folklorists Danica and Ljubica Janković and their connections with

                    the Society.  Workshops were held on dance, percussion and music, and the orchestra performed two concerts -

                    an afternoon one for families, and a big evening concert, featuring specially-learnt new pieces from Serbia.  

                    More photos in the Gallery.



















March 10:   Cultural-Co-operation radio show on Resonance FM

                     Members of the LGO, and Stewart Morgan from the English Folk Dance and Song Society, were guests on this

                     programme presented by Cultural Co-operation, and spoke about the LGO and plans for the upcoming Opa

                     Cupa event.


March 9:     BBC World Service

                     LGO was invited to feature on the World Service's Russian programme,  recorded at Bush House.  Gundula,      

                     Antonio, Ana and Evrah represented the LGO, performing a few tracks live, with Ana being interviewed in



March 7:     Cycle East - Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

                     The LGO Professional Ensemble played 3 concerts over the Sunday afternoon for this enormously successful

                     and fun event organised by promoters Serious as part of the East festival, in which the audience travelled by

                     bicycle, foot or public transport between three different venues in East London to see three different

                     performances by three different acts.   Every concert was packed with warm and enthusiastic audiences in

                     an afternoon that was  great fun for all involved. More photos in the Gallery.  The event was visited in the

                     Guardian's Bike Blog podcast - see http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/audio/2010/apr/01/cycling



















Feb 26:         St Ethelburgas, City of London

                     The LGO's 15-piece Professional Ensemble had the honour of playing the 100th concert at St Ethelburga's

                     Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, which holds concerts of music from around the world in this previously

                     bombed and now beautifully restored church on Bishopsgate.  More photos in the Gallery.






















Feb 12-14:     Saffron Walden Rehearsal Weekend

                      The LGO took over a historical saffron warehouse in this picturesque Essex town for a weekend of intensive

                      rehearsals, with forays also into tango dancing, creative cooking, pondering of pargetting (the decorative and

                      often illustrative plasterwork patterns on building exteriors, characteristic of East Anglia), and the discovery

                      of the eggalom, a cimbalom-inspired instrument made from an egg slicer.








Saffron Walden rehearsal

Saffron Walden rehearsal weekend.  Photo by Steve Cooper

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"...it was a delight to watch people of all ages and backgrounds joining in".


 "..the London Gypsy Orchestra (which was totally fabulous).  I think I'm sort of starting to understand why so many people love living in London…”


(Quotes from organisers and audience)

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